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"Experience, travel - these are as education in themselves"

 Euripides (Greek playwright, c. 480-406 BC).

MY DESTINATION GREEK ISLANDS is a top online travel guide for the spectacular Greek Islands. It features informative and interesting articles, helpful tips and stunning photos of breathtaking locations in the Mediterranean. Created and daily updated by local experts, this leading travel website also posts travelers own experiences and personal photos. It is the best source of valuable information regarding the beauties of the Aegean and Ionian Sea's islands and explores in detail the best accommodation options, things to Do, the nightlife, Wellness, services, weddings, local and International events and many business and conference options.

MY DESTINATION GREEK ISLANDS is an active member of the global online travel network of www.mydestination.com and has won awards for: Online Business of the Year in the StartUps Awards 2009, Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the GBA Awards 2009, winners of the UKFAST 'Travel' Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2009 and the 2010 UK Trade & Investment London Exporters Award.

                         CORFU OLD TOWN
Thimios Moutselos who owns "MY DESTINATION GREEK ISLANDS" talks about this popular online travel resource and shares his own views on favorite island destinations in this exclusive interview:
                                             Thimios Moutselos
First of all Thimio, “MY DESTINATION GREEK ISLANDS” is more than just an online travel guide. Can you explain what services you offer and your role in the company?

Well, the time when a visitor selected a vacation package from just a nicely set poster or travel guide has passed. Today, they choose among various sources, and criteria sets have also changed.

“MY DESTINATION GREEK ISLANDS” (MDGI) is an online travel resource, designed to be pioneering in the latest trends and technologies available. MDGI comes with a full set of valuable locally informed offerings, rich in social, multimedia and image collections.
What distinguishes us from other online listing pages is the fact that we maintain close contact with our visitors, offering services covering their entire travel experience.
Our social tools (Facebook, Twitter, ‘Events’, etc) and mobile application will keep them posted on all the nearby attractions, special offers and activities they should not miss.
My main interest is to establish and facilitate regular communication with all our visitors & also clients, providing them with the best means and advice to promote their business, and at the same time, ensuring that our destinations are fully exploited. They all come together through our motto: “locally informed, globally inspired.”
Do you spend a great deal of time on research, travelling and constantly updating the website? Also, do you regard yourself as a travel writer?

Up-to-date information is the key to the success of our business. That’s exactly what a visitor looks for. To us, it means that we have to remain knowledgeable about what is happening to the destinations we write about. Be sure that we cover all that is important.
Our clients have a local person to contact with, to explain all their options, to work together to provide results, and to help them succeed. Constantly updating our services, we always focus - as a Group - to innovate and be ahead of market trends.
When it comes to travel articles and resources, we have professionals who ensure that content quality is at a high level. And who knows, perhaps in the future I might become one of them.
Can you tell me a little about the franchising side of things and whether you think it was smart to team up with James Street and Neil Waller, the co-founders of My Destination? I believe the company has franchised in 120 countries?
MY DESTINATION” is a global brand, a multi-award winning network of experts, which covers all continents and over 120 destinations. We are one of the fastest growing organizations in this market sector, attracting more than 12 million unique visitors a year.

Being part of this family is a lot more. It ensures that through continual improvements in every aspect, we are market leaders in each and every destination. Unlike many of our competing websites, we are not just focused on online bookings for hotels and flights. Created with the local business in mind, we become an ideal advertising platform for them. Skilled in-house teams ensure the best outcome in online marketing, design and development, innovation and collaboration. All these are difficult (not to say expensive) to achieve on your own, when starting an online business.
With online travel continually becoming one of the fastest growing markets worldwide, how do you intend to remain so popular and set yourself apart from your competitors?
I have already touched a number of aspects that distinguish “MY DESTINATION” Group from the rest of online travel agents (OTA). Our unique selling proposition (USP) is to stay close to our customers; expand our portfolio offerings and to provide exclusive services. Through our virtual tours, informative videos and visitor reviews, we help other visitors meet their vacation expectations.
Today, one out of two travelers is choosing a holiday destination online. Quality content is what matters most.
Why have you focused on the Greek islands when there are so many breathtaking and beautiful locations around the whole of Greece?
Our hot summers, bright yellow sun and golden sandy beaches are what make Greece such an attractive destination worldwide. Our country is full of beautiful locations as you say, but the variety of scenes, history, flavors and culture is so rich among the Greek Islands. Every year, at least one of them is listed among the most attractive vacation destinations. Our beaches are world-known for their crystal blue waters; Mediterranean cuisine is a trend being followed by millions of people. Not to mention, our hospitality, a warm welcome which is a Greek tradition that has been kept alive throughout the centuries.

Finally, from what you have seen in recent years, which is the most favorite destination for visitors to Greece?

That’s rather difficult to say. It all depends on what you are mostly asking for. Mykonos is full of life, an island which is partying all day long. Amorgos and south Cyclades are rather quiet, but full of natural beauties and picturesque landscape.
Kefallonia or Skiathos islands are green and full of rich vegetation; Corfu and Rhodes are cosmopolitan, with a long history, ancient monuments and tourist attractions.
If I had to choose, I would pick among Dodecanese (Kos, Rhodes) and the Ionian Islands.
                          KOS ISLAND - DODECANESE - LAGOUDI


MY DESTINATION GREEK ISLANDS is an incredibly informative and beautifully designed website that takes care of everything from helping choose the perfect location and offering excellent travel advice to organizing hotel bookings and car rental. It provides virtually everything related to island vacations and has built up an enviable well-deserved reputation.

As Saint Augustine (Ancient Theologion) was quoted as saying, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page."
So why not run your eyes over the pages of MY DESTINATION GREEK ISLANDS, travel to Greek paradises and get to the end of that book.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.mydestination.com/greekislands or contact address: Agios Onoufrios, Iolkos, 38500, Volos, Greece


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