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For those who are fashion conscious and looking for something more than just a collection of glossy photographs on a chic blog, PoshFashion provides everything possibly related to the fashion industry and much much more. From high-fashion editorials, news and updates on current trends in various apparel markets to valuable shopping advice and positive consumer recommendations, PoshFashion keeps nothing under wraps. Daily postings allow visitors to follow new happenings in the fashion world and to take a peep behind the scenes. There are intriguing backstage photos, exciting promotions, exclusive interviews, catwalk videos and show casings of innovative artists and designers, nothing escapes PoshFashion.

Here in an exclusive interview, Tasos Lazaridis, founder and editor-in-chic at PoshFashion talks openly about the popular trendy blog and his passion for fashion.

Can you tell me a little about yourself and what or who got you interested in fashion?

My name is Tasos and I have a bachelor's and master's degree in Classical Studies. Now I am doing my PHD in Medieval Culture and Byzantine Art. How does this relate to fashion? Well, I believe that fashion is a part of art and vice versa. But to tell you the truth, my fashion interest comes from my parents who were both collaborating with Sonia Rykiel and Tierry Mugler in their sport and casual lines. I guess I got my passion from them.

What is your fashion background and what does your job entail?

My job on PoshFashion isn't all glitz and glam. I spend a great number of hours making contacts, sending out emails and catching up on telephone calls. There's also lots of research, editing posts and sometimes working though the night. I read hundreds of books on fashion, travel to fashion shows and meetings and there's also a great deal of follow-up work to be done. In recent months, I seem to be sleeping a lot less.

Let's hear a little more about 'PoshFashionnews' and the people behind it.

I started PoshFashion one year ago in order to blog about fashion, art and brands not only in Greece but globally. I started attending shows and events and writing down my thoughts. Then I started making contacts with PR offices that were sending me press releases, invitations etc. So, day by day, PoshFashion was growing.
When I first started, Emmanouil Kallidiou, a young talented artist and painter, helped me a great deal with the design of the blog, some very interesting posts and the logo for PoshFashion. Even now, he still helps me mentally and I always take his advice. There was also Antonis Pr. who supported me a lot from the very beginning (I even started PoshFashion on his nameday!), but now, unfortunately, he is far away.
Apart from Emmanouil and Antonis, there were also some interns who were helping me with all this work during the old days, but now I am collaborating with Vassilis Andreou, who is responsible for all the marketing and financial work and also helps me as an assistant at the shows etc.
Finally, the PoshFashion office has a part time secretary, Helen Argyros, who keeps all the emails and the contacts updated, and a Twitter intern, Panos Fragos, who keeps the PoshFashion fans' account. I believe in team work obviously!

What were some of your most popular posts in 2011?

My most popular posts were a long article about the history of the Louis Vuitton house, and my featured article in British Vogue April 2011, when I had the honor to pose a question during the interview with Dolce & Gabbana! I met them during the last Milan Fashion Week and they were so friendly and down to earth, especially Stefano, we even took some pictures together and had a little fashion chat!

Would you say that you live, eat and breathe fashion?

I totally cannot live without fashion, but I also love other things too that can be combined with fashion: art, culture, philosophy and language. For example, when I travel for a fashion week, I will attend the show, but I will also go to a museum or an art exhibition. Moreover, I read a lot; books, papers, articles, posts, more than two hours per day. I strongly believe in education above all.

What do you enjoy most about your job? You said that you get to travel a lot.

For me, fashion gives me so much fun, it's not only business. I love going out to events and meeting my fashion people and friends. We talk, we laugh, we drink and generally I totally enjoy these moments. I have started recently to travel for the international fashion weeks, London, Milan and Paris, and my biggest dream is to attend the New York fashion week. For me, blogging didn't start out as a job, but as my hobby. However, now PoshFashion has taken off in a big way and is more professional somehow, rather than "just a blog".

Who are your style icons and favourite designers?

In Greece, I love the style of Anna Vissi, from fashion bloggers, I admire BryanBoy, from editors, Anna Wintour and from fashion designers, Galliano, Jean Paul Gauliter, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs, from couture houses Dior, Givenchy and Chanel.

What is your favourite trend for spring/summer 2012?

I don't follow trends, I just wear what I like and what best describes my personality and my mood. I believe in personal style, not fashion trends.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion editors?

I would advice them to dare to create new things and promote new talented designers. My favorite motto is "head down, work up".

And finally, what would fashionists be surprised to know about you?

I wear athletic clothes indoors, (posh of course), I sleep a maximum 5 hours, I used to smoke, but I have now quit, I have been on many calorie-controlled diets and I have recently lost 10 kilos.


The PoshFashion blog is dedicated to bringing you everything on cutting-edge fashion, personal style and lifestyle culture news. It's a brilliant insider's look at the fashion industry, from stylish designer's collections to urban culture too. This perfect showcase on all the latest designs and bold new looks is without doubt, a blogger's fashion paradise.

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