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Everything about artist, scene director, photographer and jewelry designer Pericles Kondylatos is unique, mysterious and sensual. He is a master of the bizarre and conceptually imaginative. Using a combination of ingenious techniques and distinctive styles, he manages to convey his intriguing thoughts and emotions through extraordinary surreal works of art.
Pericles Kondylatos, although known for his sinister, artistic darker side, has also created some of the finest, most beautiful collections of handmade jewelry. He is without question, a dark chivalrous knight pledging his alliance to his own creative soul, taking us with him below the surface of everyday reality.

Here in a remarkable interview, this immensely talented artist talks about his sources of inspiration and how he develops his stunning masterpieces:

First, can you tell me one or two things about yourself and in particular, Pericles Kondylatos Art?

I am an artist who works and lives in Greece, I love music and animals. I began painting almost since the beginning of my life and I haven’t stopped since then.

Who or what inspired you to become an artist and how did you get started in jewellery designing?

Generally I am inspired by the beauty of nature, but there isn’t anything specific, because I am in an “inspiration mode” all the time. Jewelry design came as naturally as painting or as creating a sculpture did, it just happens, there isn’t a more specific reason. It was the next thing let’s say, as I have tried everything.
I can create art: painting, sculpture, photography, video art…. An artist must be involved in everything if he is truly dedicated to expressing himself. There must be no limits in creation, because in the supernal worlds where creativity exists there are no limits.

How would you describe your art and the kind of jewelry you create? Are there certain types of materials you prefer to work with?

I describe them as works of art for the body and this is how I perceive them. I prefer to work with “unexpected” materials, things that you would not normally expect to see in jewelry. Because I like breaking boundaries with my art, in the same manner I choose my materials: I go around my studio and think: What is the most unusual thing in here?

In a few words, describe your own personal style.

For my personal style I am an extremist: I like black, old fashioned suits, black hats, black shades. I like the color black in general…

What is a typical day like for you and what keeps you inspired and motivated?

A typical day is a creative day at my studio, where I spend almost all of my hours. This is it basically. I don’t do anything else. It inspires me a lot to walk around trees and be close to nature. I like to be in the wilderness and amongst the wildlife.

What do you love most about designing and creating works of art?

That I have the ability to express what is inside of me, without having someone to express it to. A work of art is being created and then it’s a constant expression to the universe.

"The Burial Treasure Collection", is extremely breathtaking and beautiful. Where did the inspiration come from?

Thank you. I had to design jewelry for the Vassilis Zoulias collection – which was a great success – and the collection was created together with the design and organization of the show. I was in Vassilis's atelier during the daytime with Nicolas Georgiou, with whom I had an excellent collaboration. We looked at the clothes, and then I presented him with ideas which helped him decide on what he wanted. Then, I went to my studio and worked all night long and then again in the morning. It was a very creative process, deciding what was in and what was not.

Are there any artists who have profoundly impacted your life?

Of course there are, but unfortunately they are all dead. I love Mozart, Tchaikovsky, ..there are so many.

Share with me how you view your art and jewelry design in the future.

I want to create exceptionally beautiful things, inspire people, and offer through art, beauty in their lives. There isn’t a greater art, than the art of loving people.

What other plans do you have for 2012?

I want to set up a small museum for old damaged dolls and toys, but nothing is certain yet, we are looking for a place at the moment. I have a huge collection of old toys and I am trying to find them a home. We shall see…………..


Pericles S. Kondylatos Art knows no boundaries, simply because the man behind these beautiful creations, may it be complex paintings, mystical photos or precious jewelry, puts all his intense passion and artistic insight into producing the highest level of craftsmanship. His dedication to creating art and willingness to share it with others, makes him a self-styled magician.


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