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Super stylish, extremely luxurious and highly innovative, the SPIRE 4-seater lightweight speedboat takes boat design to the next level. Its futuristic revolutionary design is intended to evoke comparisons to the well-known comic vehicle the "Batmobile." However, this state-of-the-art open water craft is also perfectly fitting for the high-speed adventures of spy agent "007" in the James Bond movies.
It is powered by twin outboard engines producing between 250 to 300 hp and reaches speeds of 90 knots. At 9.5 meters in length, boasting a carbon composite and having a plush leather interior, it is much more than the average speedboat.
The prizewinning SPIRE BOAT, (vice world champion in the 2007 offshores) comes in two models, the classic and fully customized version (see below) and the second, remarkable transformation designed by the distinguished French fashion designer, Thierry Mugler.


In an exclusive interview, I spoke to Christophe Saducci, owner & founder of the SPIRE BOAT to find out more about this unique and most extraordinary speedboat:

Can you start by telling me about the SPIRE BOAT design and who or what inspired you to build it?

The SPIRE BOAT is inspired by offshore boating, where a combination of lines and speed are employed to have clean design and a breakable aero dynamism set.

Its unique design and breathtaking performance make it an exceptionally state-of-the-art craft. What makes the Spire so cutting edge?

The boat’s shape has an edgy lightweight design in order to reach high speed limits and achieve its outstanding performance.

What did you find the most challenging in designing this super powerboat?

Considerable challenges for this kind of boat was to design it to be capable of attaining breakneck speed, ensuring complete safety and guaranteeing security conditions with an adequate provision for crew comfort, having basic but comfortable accommodation and being able to reduce weight and maximize performance.

How many people worked on its production and how long did it take from the first stage until its completion?

This project started in June 2006, and its final design was released in September 2010, with multiple ads-on and changes that were brought about by our two naval architects. Therefore, it followed drastic design procedures and controls, throughout our R&D center. These, were carried out by experienced designers and technical staff whoall participated in producing the final concept, while always tending to reach for perfect buoyancy and on-water performance.

The SPIRE BOAT can reach speeds of 90 knots, is that correct and how does it compare to other powerboats in the terms of weight?

Yes, that’s correct. The maximum speed for this type of boat is 90 knots (105mph – 170Kph) while the sailing cruise is average of 60 knots (70 mph – 110kph). This was possible thanks to materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, coatings of fine films and glues usage – all manufactured through vacuum infusion which allows the rig to be lighter and stiffer than traditional yachts.

Where did you get the idea for its name?

The name SPIRE was an inspiration that came from « limit, extremities and direction ». Indeed, when the SPIRE BOAT is in motion, it could be compared to a bullet shot ripping through the ocean waves.

How do you see the development of the SPIRE BOAT when it comes to racing and what do you think its future will look like?

This model is final now. There will not no further structural modifications and it has also reached the ideal balance for hull and engineering.
As far as its future is concerned, it will soon be developed into a high-speed racing boat. It will have the cockpit weight increased with heavy seating assets which represent approximately 80 kilos and it will also be closed instead of having an open top in order to gain in velocity and improve safety.

There are two models, a basic one and another designed with the distinguished French fashion designer, Thierry Mugler. How did this partnership come about?

This exciting project was conceived at the Thierry Mugler Studio and then, the SPIRE BOAT staff met in November, 2010 at the Nautilus Boat Show in Cannes and then, in Monaco. The Mugler team immediately realized that both universes could be merged into one by having the MUGLER contemporary refinement and seducing design combined with the classic model of the SPIRE BOAT.
The teams met regularly and worked intensively, until we reached a common look-alike style pattern. Thereafter, we started to work on the project’s feasibility which required all participants to work and exchange collaboration for over 10 months.

How do you feel now after seeing the SPIRE BOAT completed? Do you have any other prototype boats in the pipeline?

Every time we look at our unique boat, the same overwhelming emotion surges over us as if we are seeing it for the very first time. I think just for a moment, time stands still, allowing us to admire its forms and lines once again.
We are also filled with great respect and admiration for this most powerful ‘beast’ that is capable of taking us safely and comfortably at extreme speeds across the oceans of the world.
As the design director, I put all my intense passion into its production and coupled with the success of the design by the Thierry Mugler Studio I believe that we have given new ideas and influenced other boating and business markets. I also hope that other well-known fashion brands or famous designers will seriously consider following in Thierry Mugler’s footsteps by instilling their own distinctive style in the SPIRE BOAT.

Finally, how much would it cost to own one of these impressive speedboats?

Well, the price of the classic model is €220.000 (full with engines) excluding taxes and without options. The SPIRE BOAT by Thierry Mugler costs €400.000(full with engines) excluding taxes, but without the boat cover which is an option. I would also add that the hull is guaranteed.


When Aldous Huxley, an English novelist (1894-1963) said that, "Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure, he was ahead of his time unless he was foretelling the future and describing the SPIRE BOAT. This innovative, spectacular speedboat allows some small indulgence in the world of boating. It is a model of perfection and a great creation of our time.


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