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The Thraki Palace Thalasso & Wellness Spa in the region of Thrace, Alexandroupolis has been specifically designed to create a tranquil atmosphere in a spacious, relaxing and luxurious environment. In an area covering 2,400 sq. m, this deluxe spa complex is the perfect location to enjoy a wide range of exclusive therapeutic treatments and sophisticated techniques. It boasts not only advanced state-of-the art equipment, but also offers visitors and guests an abundance of first-class modern facilities. Highly-skilled therapists strive to provide professional first-rate services and are on hand to evaluate each client individually, taking into account their needs and requirements. A visit to this elegant environmentally friendly haven of absolute serenity, guarantees sheer, physical and intense sensual pleasure.

In an exclusive interview, Stavros Mavridis, Thraki Palace Thalasso & Wellness Spa Manager & Executive Director, describes his role at the luxury spa in more detail and the enormous benefits Thraki Palace Hotel has brought to the spa industry.

Stavro, can you tell me a little about your background and where you have studied etc?

I have a Bsc in Sport Science from Democritus University of Thrace, Greece and a Bsc in Physiotherapy from the University of the Wales College of Medicine in Cardiff, UK. I have attended and participated in numerous seminars in Business Plan, Human Resources Management and in Marketing Plan. I have also opened and managed 4 spas in Greece until now.

You have worked as a therapist, a fitness instructor and you are now currently working as a
spa manager. How long have you been in the spa industry?

I have been in the Greek spa industry for the last 7 years.

Describe working at the Thraki Palace Hotel & Welllness Spa in Alexandroupolis. How does it differ from other luxury spas?

For me, it is a great experience, as I have been in this position from the beginning of the development. I was in charge of setting up and opening the 2.400sq.m. spa and I believe that I gained a valuable experience in pre-opening and post-opening procedures. Also the position is very challenging for a Spa Manager because it is a combination of a city and resort Spa, with a mixture of clients and different approaches, plus a variety of marketing and sales strategies. The word luxury has changed and emphasis is more on experience and services that the spa provides its clients. So, as a Thalasso Spa, we have all the facilities that a modern and innovative spa must provide nowadays. We are one of the top spas worldwide.

How many treatment rooms?

Our spa has 14 treatment rooms with 2 Thalasso bath tubs, 2 spa suites (couples), 1 Vichy Shower and 1 Rashul.

What kinds of treatments do you offer and what are the most popular? Do you use organic products?

We cooperate exclusively with the French niche spa company, Anne Semonin. We provide face, body, massage and hydrotherapy treatments. The most popular is the Anti-Stress Back Therapy. It is a body treatment with a self-heated mud mixture that is applied on the back of the client and at the same time a massage is performed on the legs and arms. We use organic oil and essential oils for massage.

As the spa manager, what areas present challenges with regard to running the spa and ensuring that guests/visitors receive first-rate services?

In this challenging environment with constant rapid changes the most important thing is to control the cost and still keep the high level of service. This can only be achieved with a spa manager who knows how to calculate the costs, how to motivate the staff and be highly skilled in leadership. Also, if a spa manager has created the operational procedures for each procedure within the spa, then the spa will run efficiently and will generate profits, as it will succeed in gaining tremendous customer loyalty.

Why do you think there has been such a rapid development inhotel/resort spas in recent years?

People try to find ways to recharge their batteries, due to heavy working committments and to keep in shape as more and more people worldwide want to be fit and healthy. So, the ideal places are the hotels due to the existing facilities and the marvellous opportunities they open up to relax and be pampered. Owners and large hotel chains have invested huge amounts of money to develop spas to attract this entire new client base and to achieve higher hotel occupancy rates.

What direction do you see the spa industry taking this year?

The spa industry globally is moving forward. We will continue to focus more on wellness incorporating pure spa treatments for a maximum experience and results. Also the children's spa areas with special materials and objectives will be the trend. In the end, spas will try to incorporate into their services, medical aesthetic procedures for immediate results with or without electronic equipment.

Can you tell me something about the Spa Manager's Club in Greece of whom you are cofounder and serve on the Board of Directors as Executive?

It was an idea that we came up two years ago and our primary goal was to set up the standards in the Greek Spa industry. Also, in collaboration with the Alpine College, (and I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs. Sybil Hoffman for her contributionas president), we wanted to create a spa school where people from Greece could study to become spa therapists, spa receptionists and spa managers through a comprehensive educational program. We are continuing our job and we will announce future plans soon.

The internet has indefinitely changed the way luxury hotels devise marketing and sales strategies. What is your strategy?

It is true that the way people book their holidays or their spa treatments has changed rapidly the past years and will certainly change even more the coming years. We have to be very careful how to use the internet and the social media. It depends on the services that a spa would like to provide and the clients that they are targeting. Our strategy is to educate people through the social media network on how they can take advantage of spas and why they are beneficial. At a later stage, we will proceed with on-line booking through applications in collaboration with our official spa software.


The Thraki Palace Thalasso & Wellness Spa Hotel certainly lives up to its name and impeccable reputation. It is a superb destination for relaxation and excellent wellness services provided by friendly professional staff. Its intimate atmosphere of elegance and harmony combined with exhilarating treatments, including the ancient healing properties of seawater, make this beauty and health complex a gem among spas.


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